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Detris is a Vitamin D3 food supplement available in three strengths: 1000 IU, 2200 IU and 5600 IU.  Vitamin D deficiency is common and has been linked to health problems.

Detris 1000 Vitamin D3.jpg

Vitamin D3 25µg

(500% Nutrient Reference Value)

Detris 2200 Vitamin D3.jpg

Vitamin D3 55µg

(1100% Nutrient Reference Value)

Detris 5600 Vitamin D3.jpg

Vitamin D3 140 µg

(2800% Nutrient Reference Value)

The immune system is essential for our survival. Without an immune system, our bodies wouldn’t be able to fight bacteria, viruses or parasites.

Strengthening the immune system involves getting enough sleep; getting enough sunlight; eating adequate vegetables and fruits; eating more healthy fats; eating more fermented foods; and limiting added sugars. 


Because modern lifestyles are full of stress, it is often recommended to take food supplements and vitamins in order to support the immune system.

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