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Ansiwell Voyage is a natural food supplement that acts against symptoms of stress. 

Whether this is due to flying, or travelling underground, or public speaking or even taking a test, Ansiwell is designed to stimulate concentration, calmness and relaxation. 

A key benefit is that there is no drowsiness: you can take Ansiwell and still maintain your full concentration and awareness.

How it works

  • L-Theanine stimulates the production of alpha brain waves, which provides a peaceful state of mental alertness and an improvement in intellectual productivity. This means you can concentrate on your task for longer and be more productive, always in a relaxed way.

  • L-Theanine also decreases the production of beta brain waves. These are the predominant waves in individuals with stress, excitement and anxiety. L-Teanine promotes general brain relaxation, without causing drowsiness.

  • L-Theanine has an anti-stress effect and induces relaxation and mood stabilization, as it is involved in the process of regulating neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine), which are responsible for the states of excitement and relaxation in the brain. 





Vitamin C


Ideally, take one capsule per day in the morning, for 5 days prior to your journey, presentation, exam or other stressful incident. 

Take a second capsule up to 30 minutes before your voyage, presentation, exam or other stressful incident.

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