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Our mission is to provide high quality science-backed nutritional supplements for health and well being

About Us

We are manufacturers of branded nutraceuticals which include vitamins and minerals as well as herbal and food supplements. Our brand, 'Agetis', means 'Leader' in the ancient Greek Doric dialect and succinctly embodies our aspiration to become a leading nutritional supplement brand globally.

AGETIS was established in 2005 in cooperation with Medochemie Ltd for the development, manufacture and distribution of its products. Medochemie Ltd is a generics pharmaceutical manufacturer present in over 100 countries around the world.

Our products are scientifically designed to offer nutritional support through the use of selected natural ingredients to achieve pharmaceutical-grade quality for optimal health.

AGETIS' vision is to become one of the leading global companies in the nutritional supplement market by providing effective,
safe and high quality products.

Our key operating principles

Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality
Science-backed benefits
Selected Natural Ingredients

Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality: Our products are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials. They are extensively tested for purity and potency, free from any harmful contaminants, to ensure that they meet maximum quality assurance requirements.

AGETIS' facilities comply with the highest manufacturing process standards through the implementation of 'Good Manufacturing Practices' (GMP), as defined by European Law and the World Health Organization (WHO). We follow the stringent production protocols and procedures of the Pharmaceutical Industry to ensure optimal quality of our final products.

Science-Backed Benefits: At AGETIS, we specialize on nutraceuticals, food supplements that provide health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value. Our products are science-backed and recommended by medical professionals and nutrition scientists. They have been extensively researched and are supported by substantial scientific literature.

We place a special emphasis on education and accuracy of scientific information. In doing so, we have set a new standard of ethical promotion, based on the most appropriate use of our product line by demonstrating the medicinal benefits along with the scientific evidence which supports them. This reinforces our commitment to providing our consumers with the highest quality nutritional products which offer optimal health value and promote wellbeing.

Selected Natural Ingredients: Our range of products is created from the finest natural and herbal ingredients which in-turn are utilized by our bodies to support good health. They help achieve nutritional balance to meet the demands of modern lifestyles. Each product is designed to follow the latest guidelines in nutritional science, taking into consideration the body’s needs as well as the lifestyles of men and women, young and old.

Quality - Safety - Effectiveness


Atuss SyrupAtuss Syrup Plus BioPure MaxCantalin® gel CANTALIN® MICRO – Diosmin + HesperidinDANDUM® -Freeze GelDetris 1000IUDetris 2200IUDetris 5600IUDIAS - collagenDIAS beauty collagenDIAS® - Glucosamine SulfateElysiumEMELIN® FF - Iron Protein Succinylate + Folic Acid EPIONEEvelor®EVELOR® forte - ResveratrolEvelor® H - ResveratrolKELOTAN® - Scar GelKi-ValinKurkumiLIBIFEMELIBIFEME Meno 50+LibimasculineMag6 - Magnesium + Vitamin B6 Oregano dental gelORISSA® - Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin EORISSA® 1000 - Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin EPROLACTONPROLACTON travelProlacton Uro ForteVERNALIN® - Dual action hot/coldYpnotil
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